IGEC Company is a second-generation family business initiated in 1989 and established in 2017. Having engineering and contracting as its main obligations, IGEC essentially deals with civil, mechanical, electrical, and architectural fields.

Since our origination, we have helped clients complete large and diverse amounts of projects that satisfied their needs, created jobs, and provided mutually viable development. Together, we can guarantee your projects’ success starting from planning, designing and execution, to ensuring maintenance and sustainability.

This success is a result of continuous enhanced performance, pushing us to improve our infrastructure, minimize customer service mistakes, and develop the organizational structure.

With IGEC, we are confident that you are on your way to a flourishing business that meets your requirements. Feel free to rely on us.


Our mission consists of safely delivering all construction-related works for both public and private sectors, whether residential, industrial or commercial.


Our vision is to be one of the region’s premier engineering, construction, and project management organizations by reshaping the construction industry through the integration of innovative elements into our operations.


Because we believe in continuous improvement and strive to excellence, we aim to:


Convey on-time and on-budget which guarantees consumer satisfaction and helps us build our credibility.


Adhere to applicable legal requirements as well as ISO 9001:2015.


Develop in a way that mirrors our Corporate Social Responsibility and basic beliefs.


Invest in team training and advancement.


Ensure steady sales growth by securing local and international contracts.


Embrace an IT platform to enhance our work process and to drive development.



I am Nizar Gerges, Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer of IGEC. As you navigate our website, I hope you learn more about the qualities that we provide. Let me take a few minutes to reveal the purpose behind what we do.

Our company is the result of a collaborative effort where “TEAM” will be our only pillar. The word “TEAM” has never meant to me until back then at university, I took part in a club that focused on team spirit and cooperative work, pushing me to be the person I am today. Together Everyone Achieves More was the club’s tagline and became the philosophy and the mantra I live by in my life. Here at IGEC, “TEAM” also means Trust, Expertise, Achievements, and Management.

We have earned the Trust of our customers for one simple reason; having great people that bring a strong service ethos based on international standards to everything they do. They take pride and ownership in the tasks they do and would not mind walking the extra mile to meet your satisfaction. We lie a great importance on telling the truth as is for a better performance, and we focus on clear communication for a greater Esprit de Corps.

At IGEC, we never stop raising the bar. We spend most of our daily time at work, not because we have to, but because we cannot keep our eyes long away from our goal. We strive for a reputation of “Experts” as it is the best form of career insurance; likewise, Achievements can only be reached if all business elements are strongly tied and functioned together. We are proud to announce that our latest achievement is the ISO 9001, which demonstrates the quality of Management that we adapt on a daily basis within our company.

Building your dream venture and acquiring your needs will be our main focus, and our commitment to innovation, sustainability and emerging efficient engineering will always be our primary code in our field according to your requirements, because Together we surely can Achieve More!